Story by: Chris

We typically have what would be considered the traditional Aussie Christmas.

All the extended family get together for a big Christmas lunch, at somebody’s home, taking turns each year. It’s the chance for a big family photo with all the cousins, grandkids etc.

There’s a turkey as the main, with roast vegies. Cold ham on the side, sometimes with an extra salad. If it’s been a good year, there might be a platter of prawns and oysters first.

Everybody eats too much, and needs to stretch out afterwards, with the oldies falling asleep in the chair, possibly snoring.

After a while, the cricket bat comes out for a game of backyard cricket. This is one of the few times the aunts play cricket each year, and it shows.

There’s no set time for opening presents. Sometimes we do it before lunch, sometimes afterwards.

As the family has grown, we end up splitting time between different branches on different days. So we might see in-laws on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day.

Again, as family has grown older, we decided not to exchange gifts for adults – just for the kids.