Even if you’re not into singing, you still  need a CD of Christmas music to listen to and play at parties.

This one is beautiful: A Charlie Brown Christmas.
Lovely laid-back jazz versions of songs from the Charlie Brown Christmas special. Guaranteed to put you in the mood for Christmas. Admittedly our copy was bought from a US Starbucks coffee shop but you can get lots of Charlie Brown books and music Amazon or other online shops. Or listen to it below:

Our next favourite Christmas music was a gift from friends when we lived overseas, and they thought we might be homesick for things Australian. It’s a book and CD kit, wonderfully illustrated, with the words and song by John Williamson, entitled “Christmas Photo”. Or on youTube:

The loudest part of our musical Christmas in Australia, is part of the decorations for our Christmas tree. I splurged one year and bought the boxed “Santa’s Marching Band” the series of little drummer boys, that tinkle all the Christmas carols by beating on their drums. Beautiful. Ours has gone to a better place now, but there are lots of videos on YouTube: