It’s always fun to see the first signs of Christmas.

It’s usually a toss-up between the local discount store and Woolworths, but this year Bunnings was a particularly early starter.

I remember seeing the Christmas gifts coming out in the far aisle of Woollies a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t take note of the date. Since then I’ve been to Bunnings twice, and have been hard-pressed to not buy any new solar Christmas lights yet – or the battery-powered star for the top of my tree in the front garden.

The first trip to Bunnings just had a few lights out front. But the one last Sunday had a whole Christmas section at the front of the store, handily next to the checkouts. There was quite a good range – another reason to get in early before the best stuff goes.

The other early signs of Christmas are the emails. I had my first Christmas email from Deals Direct – and it was a catchy subject line – “Christmas Lights Catalogue Out NOW: Solar Lights, Trees, Ropelights Inflatables & more‏” – how can I resist?

My front garden is slowly under construction – we’ve been cutting down a fast-growing hedge out front, with the approval of the neighbour, and until I’ve planted the new garden I’m not sure what I’ll be doing for Christmas decorations. The old hedge was a pain to keep trimming, but it was a good place to drape lights over, so my display will be very different this year.

That’s enough for now.


by Chris Raynor